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About A Signature Christmas

A Signature Christmas is a holiday script (©2010) that can be performed by any size congregation with a minimal budget. The production, which was first performed at Central Assembly in Boise, Idaho in December 2009 and with repeat performances in December 2010, requires a main cast of 6 (three men and three women) and a supporting cast of 6-8. Set design can be simple to elaborate, depending on resources available, and props and costumes are minimal. The entire production can be performed in under one hour.

The play follows three couples, each facing a different stage of life, during the busy holiday season.

JOSIAH and BROOKE are in their 20s and are recently married. They have had an incredibly rough start and struggling financially. Brooke has been waiting to tell Josiah that they are pregnant with their first child. They are struggling with celebrating Christmas and finding peace during the holiday in the midst of personal and financial turmoil.

ANDY and SARAH are in their 30s and are enjoying a special Christmas trip at a mountain resort that they won in a local contest. They have a great relationship and have reluctantly left their two children at home with Andy’s parents. He views Christmas from the “Christian viewpoint.” She is not a believer.

MIKE and ANN are in their late 50s and are preparing for their first Christmas in years without their children home for the holidays. It will be just the two of them. While both have a strong Christian foundation, they view Christmas as a time with family. The spirit of the holiday has left along with their children.

The event that brings these couples together is a sudden winter storm on Christmas Eve that unites them in a time of uncertainty. In the shelter that they all eventually wind up in, the couples unite around a simple tradition and realize that God is pursuing each and every one of them.

A Message From The Writer Of A Signature Christmas

Kevin McNeese, Author Of A Signature Christmas

I started writing the foundation of A Signature Christmas in January 2008 with the intention of presenting it for my church's 2008 Christmas program. God had other plans. In March 2008, my wife gently told me that I may have to put production plans on hold since we were expecting our second child in mid-November. So I put my excitement aside, knowing that this production would come to life in God's timing. I was able to complete production on the script in the fall of 2009 and in just over three months, we were performing A Signature Christmas to great response. After a few requests from other churches about how they could bring A Signature Christmas to their community this year, I felt prompted to put together this site and hopefully reach an even larger audience with A Signature Christmas.

I've been a part of a number of productions of all sizes throughout the years, but this is the first I have written and the first I have directed. Coming from a smaller church of 200, I knew we had to put together a production that was low-budget and fairly easy to pull off, but we still wanted to be captivating, engaging, humorous and impacting. All of that was accomplished with this script, our set design, an amazing team that rallied around the vision, and an effective marketing campaign. I believe it's flexibility can fit any stage and any cast and I'm excited to know that God is just starting my journey with A Signature Christmas.

From the beginning, I was never confident in how this would all work, but I knew we were in God’s timing. My faith that God was in control made up for my lack of experience and His clear guidance has been, once again, made apparent. If you are facing some unknowns in your life, find comfort in Christ’s arms. Proverbs 3:5-6 says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths."

I pray that this script finds its way into churches across the nation (and possibly the world) and that this website and the resources we have put together, will take away the burden of putting a quality and impacting Christmas program together. We've done the hard work, proven the concept through multiple performances and I'm excited about sharing it with you and your local community this Christmas season. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

—Kevin McNeese

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