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About A Signature Christmas

A Signature Christmas is a 60-minute Christmas drama script (©2010) that can be performed by any size congregation with a minimal budget. The production, which was first performed at Central Assembly in Boise, Idaho in December 2009, and again in December 2010 due to popular demand, requires a main cast of 6 (three men and three women) and a supporting cast of 6-8. Set design can be simple to elaborate, depending on resources available, and props, costumes and stage lighting are minimal.

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Free Preview

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you purchase A Signature Christmas annual license and make the decision within 30 days to not move forward with production, simply let us know and we'll return your annual license purchase price in good faith.

Testimonials - What People Are Saying

"We performed A Signature Christmas this past December (2011), providing two performances the Sunday before Christmas. The play was a lot of fun and packed a powerful salvation message. Thank you for writing it!" —Pastor Dale Hazard, Augusta Assembly Of God, Augusta, WI

"We had a wonderful experience with A Signature Christmas! Our attendance was amazing and our actors and crew did fantastic as well. The best feedback was honestly that the play didn’t seem so (pardon the term) “churchy” and that it was highly relevant and easy to invite people who wouldn’t normally come to church to. Thanks so much for all your help and especially your heart. Fantastic program and it will be cool to see how God continues to use it!" —Pastor Scott Lawrence, Christ's Church, Flagstaff, AZ

"I am happy to recommend A Signature Christmas to you. It was presented for the very first time at our church. The response was wonderful. When you view it, you'll appreciate the way the writer patiently and carefully presents the Gospel in such a clear way. Contemporary, fresh, funny and believable are just some of the ways to describe this wonderful Christmas story. I'd highly recommending this for any congregation of any size." —Pastor Ted Buck, Central Assembly, Boise, Idaho

"In the world of church productions, A Signature Christmas stands alone. It meets people where they are in a real and honest way, while at the same time giving a compelling presentation of the gospel that will touch people's hearts no matter what stage of life they are in. This is one of the most relatable plays I have seen produced in many years and would recommend it to any church hoping to bring a message of hope to their community during the Christmas season." —Pastor Ryan Shervik, Central Assembly, Boise, Idaho

Cities That Have Performed A Signature Christmas

  • Brookville, OH
  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • Goodview, VA
  • Lancaster, PA
  • Pineville, WV
  • Riverside, CA
  • Rose, OK

Marketing Material

While you are welcome to design your own marketing materials for A Signature Christmas, we are offering our professionally designed tools that were used to promote the original production in Boise, Idaho in 2009 and again for a repeat production this Christmas, 2010. You can purchase either blank Photoshop templates that you can edit yourself, or we can professional design these for you at a low cost. Click here for more details.

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